Wednesday, June 27, 2012

lagu best dalam citer korea "DOREMIFASOLATIDO"..ehehe

1st song..:

i should've let u leave me quitely,
i stood at that place once again,
looking at u slowly a distance away,
tears start to fall lightly,
such a cold season,
come again once more,
i can only wait 4 u,
i can only tear silently,
staring at you tearing,
can only love,
compared to forgetting,
pain is much easier for me,
can you come back to my side,
today's sunlight is so beautiful,
your smiles fill the day of my life,
those troublesome days.
because you letting me feel energetic and happy,
all these,
only for you,
making my ife continue
my love,anytime, come to my side,
with you, only if i have you,
i can do anything,
sometimes i feel tired too,
maybe that might hurt you,
but i wont ever let my hand go,
i will always be by your side,

2nd song:

i treasure my kitten so much,
when i wasnt looking,it got lost,
what to do??what should i do??
every night i've
been searching crazily,
i've been waiting all day for it to come home,
i am waiting for you to come back,
memories are become blurry,
it's time to make a decision,
i pray that u'll come back,
tears are going to stop,look at me,
i m waiting right here for u to come back,
there is a lot of things i want to say,
slowly those memories,
please remember me,
occationally just one time will be good,
i love u, now and forever,
because of me,
i want to go to that blue blue sea with you,
want to fulfill every promise that i've made to you,