Friday, July 30, 2010


she is my soul..maybe,,
she is my life..maybe,,

last year..
i thought that we are meant to be together..
i thought that we are very very very close..
but we never know each other..

i dont know either...
when i saw your face..
when i hear your voice..
when you look at me..
i felt something inside..
very strange feeling..
my heart throbbing..
makes me wonder why that feeling keep coming..
keep and keep coming..

at the same time..
i felt the pain..
like being stabbed with big rusted knife..
the pain that drive me crazy..

why am i going crazy???
bcoz i know you will never look at me as a man..
bcoz i will never confess my feeling to you dear..
bcoz i know you already have your own soulmate..

not me..!!!

if i know you first before him..
i will surely grab you first..
i was just a little late..
is it my mistake for being late???

my dear..
i know my feeling is just impossible for you..
my feeling cant be accepted..

then dear..
i will try to throw it away,,
i will bury it in a deep blue sea..
so..i cant even remember about it..
you also will never know about something that almost makes me crazy...

so that..
we can be a friend..
i will be happy when i can see you happy although it really really hurt me..

thats me..
if we cant be friend..
i will just see you from a far..
see your life going smoothly..
see your happiness..

dont worry about me..
i will be just fine..
life must go on..
even i dont have any money to eat..
even being alone..

wish you all the best in life..