Saturday, May 21, 2011


In these wavering skies
i will fly to you
since we've always been together
the space between us has become too big

waiting for your honest reply
anyone would be lonely
if you are crying in the town i can't see
even i'm not with you
my smile will reach you

i will fly to you
i can feel it this close
these two feelings
always in my heart

Thursday, May 12, 2011


i believe your promise,
it's too hard to give me courage,
always, i feel it, the precious time with you,
as i stood there on the corner,

i felt the winds head towards tomorrow,
the city lights, as if they were stardust itself,
envelope the two of us, and yet out of each and everyone,
did any shine that different shine??

the laughing you is the most dazzling thing i'll ever see,
dreams are just like a shooting star,
just like a rainbow after the rain,
bringing the waves of heat into the light,

being lost is one of the answers,
i promise that i won't lie,
always, i feel it, the precious time seeing you..
i love you dear..